About Will


It all started when...

Will Started off at the age of 10 years old, bulk buying and selling sweets in the school playground of his prep school, Tower House School.

He then moved onto become a music scholar at Stowe School where at the age of 17, Will won the Branson prize for Business after he founded a company named Business Start-Up Advice. This was a very interesting venture as he was able to form a complete brand without spending any money by reaching out to web designers, web coders, bloggers and video animators whilst working on his A-Levels (Economics, History and Politics). 

Since he left Stowe, Will began his gap year and spent time working in corporate sales at Fortnum and Mason, he also spent time as an intern at Virgin.

Currently, at 19 years old, Will is working on managing the business side of two companies that he has helped create; Deltoid bags and Free Money Ideas, whilst taking up part time jobs on the side. He also occasionally blogs for websites across the internet (including Virgin.com) discussing the different aspects of business.

He is currently undertaking a Business and Marketing Degree at Keele University.


You can learn more about the brands that Will is associated with here.