Associated Brands

Deltoid Bags

Deltoid Bags a small company based in London. Their goal is to take innovative and unique bags to market. They are currently producing a prototype for their first backpack range - the "Suit Up" range. With this they aim to make a huge statement with a fashionable and yet very practical bag. They will also be launching a Kickstarter in the coming months.

Free Money Ideas
(Website Still Being Created)

Still in the initial web design stage, will be a website linking all of the internets sources on how to turn your free time into money. Putting all of the money making ideas and resources in one place. Perfect for students who want to earn a bit of money on the side of their studies.

Business Start-Up Advice
(Project Completed)

Business Start-Up Advice was Will's first major project. It is effectively an online platform for small business owners to connect and share words of wisdom on their areas of experience via the blog section. By allowing these companies to provide contact details at the bottom of the blog entries it proved a great way for everyone to gain knowledge and exposure. The profit function came from online advertising. In 2016 will decided to discontinue this project in order to focus on the other brands as the educational goals of it were met.